About us

We are the EnginSoft business unit dedicated to the consultancy and training with Scilab.

Scilab Enterprises chose EnginSoft as Scilab Professional Partner for Europe: our mission is to foster the diffusion of the Scilab software within companies by providing tailored solutions, technical support, consultancy and training.

Scilab Enterprises chose EnginSoft as the company reference for the experience, professionalism and competence of its over 100 engineers operating in the field of numerical computing and virtual prototyping since more than 20 years. EnginSoft has 6 offices in Italy (Trento, Padova, Bergamo, Firenze, Torino and Mesagne) and branches in France, UK and Germany.

The team

The Openeering team is composed by young professionals but with a proven experience.

Manolo Venturin

Manolo works in Enginsoft Padua offices.
He earned his masters degree in "computer engineering" and then his Ph.D.
in "Computational Mathematics" at the University of Padua. His main research interests regard the fields of "computational fluid dynamics" using finite elements, "nonlinear continuous optimization" and "graph approaches to physical modeling" where he has also published several papers.
He has a wide experience on the development and the use of numerical libraries and on the programming with several languages. In the Openeering project he deals with the model development using "Xcos" toolbox.

Anna Bassi

Anna earned her masters degree in Mathematics at Padua University. She is involved in an European Project for which she develops the optimization part. She joined the Openeering team also during her internship in EnginSoft. For her master thesis she developed a Scilab toolbox for scattered data interpolation using radial basis functions.

Giovanni Borzi

Giovanni works in EnginSoft Padua offices.
He earned his masters degree in electronic engineering at the Politecnico di Milano: he has gained a wide experience in developing web applications, training and competencies management, project management and innovation management. He is a certified PMP (Project Manager Professional). In EnginSoft Giovanni is involved in project management and business development activities.


Past members of the team

Silvia Poles

Silvia earned her masters degree in mathematics at the Padua University and then she completed a two-year master in “modeling and simulation complex realities” at the International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA) in Trieste.
Silvia has published many papers and studies in the field of the multiobjective optimization, data mining, approximation methods and decision support on international referee journals and conferences. Her research interests cover the fields of multiobjective optimization, industrial optimization, multivariate analysis, approximation methodologies and decision making support.

Massimiliano Margonari

Massimiliano holds a masters degree in structural engineering and he is a Ph.D. in structural mechanics.
He has a wide experience in developing software application for the virtual simulation specifically in the structural mechanics field. Massimiliano has been part of the Openeering team during his career in EnginSoft. He is involved in providing customized numerical solutions and training.