Thomatronik adopts Scilab for parallel Fourier analysis

Thomatronik is a renowned supplier of superior products and services for industry and science over the last 25 years. Thomatronik offers three product segments with hardware, instrumentation / sensors and Finite Element Electromagnetic Computing software support, training and consulting.

Thomatronik is running multiple instances of their proprietary simulation software in parallel, where, at the end of each simulation run, a Fourier analysis has to be performed. Thomatronic chose Scilab because of its fast and efficient computational capabilities in addition to the possibilities to automatically call parallel instances of the Scilab routine in background batch mode.

Thomatronik has an extensive experience in signal processing and Fourier analysis, but they were new to Scilab.

To help solve the problem, the Openeering team has implemented a simple Scilab module that reads an ASCII file containing time and voltage data, carries out the Fourier analysis of the data and writes the coefficients (sine, cosine and amplitude) in an output file. The module can be executed in batch, by providing the name of the input ASCII file.

This enabled Thomatronik to carry out the Fourier analysis from their proprietary simulation software in a no-window mode and highly parallel fashion, without the need of expensive commercial software licenses.