Weather Forecasting with Scilab

From time immemorial Man, has tried to forecast the weather: starting with rude approaches up to more sophisticated scientific techniques, the aim has been always the same.

The weather strongly influences the human activities and very often it literally determines our lives. For this reason this topic never loses its appeal for the scientific community.

Nowadays weather forecast means, above all, collecting a series of measures and use them to feed mathematical models to predict the evolution of the weather. This activity becomes very important when it allows to predict extreme events with sufficient advance, limiting damage and saving human lives.

The topic is so fascinating that also the Openeering team decided to investigate on it. Our aim is however much more simple than to seriously forecast the weather. We want to show how Scilab can be used to acquire experimental data regarding the weather, threat them and build mathematical models to visualize maps reporting weather indicators such as the air temperature in a given region.

We build metamodels using the DACE toolbox to predict the terrain temperature at a given time in the Trentino region, starting from measures provided by Meteotrentino.
The results have been graphically rendered using gmsh.

Weather_Forecasting_Scilab.pdf2.18 MB