Scilab training

Introductory and advanced training
In order to promote the use of Scilab within the industrial community, Openeering offers a series of scheduled Scilab training courses, either in Italian or English language.
Courses are proposed at introductory and advanced levels. During our standard courses, the attendee will learn how to tackle and autonomously solve engineering problems using Scilab.
Furthermore Openeering organises training courses focused on specific and advanced themes, such as design of experiment (DoE), multiobjective optimization, data mining, and much more, tailoring as much as possible the training to the real application needs.

Tailored training
We offer on-site training, fully customizing topics, examples and hands-on sessions according to your specific needs.
Our flexibility, experience and background, testified by the wide range of topics covered by the tutorials and applications presented in this website, allow us to carry out effective training sessions.

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Teach yourself engineering numerical analysis with Scilab!

Scilab training calendar