Xcos - hybrid dynamic systems modeler and simulator

Distributed with Scilab, Xcos is an efficient graphical editor to model hybrid dynamic systems. Discrete and continuous systems can be designed, loaded, saved, compiled and simulated. Available blocks include signal processing, electrical, thermo-hydraulic, mathematics operations, and much more. User-defined blocks can be easily added to the framework.

Xcos provides a fully featured systems modeling and simulation environment:

  • Standard palettes and blocks
  • Model building and editing
  • Sub-modeling for models reuse and simplification
  • Model customization
  • Simulation, including embedded Modelica® compiler and C-code generation for better performance
  • Results analysis and visualization

Xcos benefits of the Scilab numerous free gateways and links, such as the National Instruments™ LabVIEW® gateway to Scilab and the NIDAQ module to connect the Data Acquisition I/O devices.