The Φ-F chart method for active solar energy systems

The aim of this paper is to show how the φ-f chart method can be implemented in Scilab. This model can be used to calculate the solar fraction for hot water production with respect to the global request.
The φ-f chart method is a simulation technique used in solar energy systems for heating and cooling. This method is particularly useful for sizing system components. The difficulty of sizing system’s components lies in the fact that these systems are influenced both by predictable data (e.g. collectors, storage tanks, …) and unpredictable data such as weather data.

This Scilab code can be used to estimate the thermal performance of solar energy systems for domestic water, industrial process heating, and space heating systems where the thermodynamics cycle efficiency is independent of the heat supply temperature.

The complete Scilab code for simulating the described solar energy system is available to registered users only. For downloading the code visit: Registered Users Area.

Active Solar Energy Systems in Scilab674.55 KB